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"Who Else Wants a Cheap Autoresponder That Will:

- Send Unlimited Follow-Up Messages

- To Unlimited Subscribers

- With Personalized Fields

- On Schedules You Select

- With Unsubscribe Links that Advertise

- YOUR Domains

- Without Spending Hundreds of Dollars (per year)

So You Can Actually Make Money From Your List? "

Dear Fellow Internet Marketer:

    cheap autoresponderYou're a smart marketer so you already know the value of autoresponders. They create a subscriber list, the life-blood of your business, that you can contact whenever you want. Autoresponders make you money. You know that. But first I want to explain how the Dirt Cheap Autoresponder came about.

    Recently, an Internet marketer was asking about autoresponders and wanted to know what I could sell him. While I'm a top affiliate for several autoresponder services, the only product I had cost a couple hundred dollars. It's a great product, but complicated.

    In addition to the autoresponder, it includes product downloads, order forms, ad tracking, affiliate management, and more.

    Great, unless all you want is a cheap autoresponder - just sending messages to subscribers on automatic. You don't want to pay for every bell and whistle imaginable because you're paying for extras you never use. You just want potential customers to subscribe to your newsletter, or just to subscribe to something to create a mailing list you can use later, so you can send them messages on a preset schedule, or whenever you want.

    I got to thinking about different products, such as my dishwasher. It has rows of buttons and it can do a lot. But you know what? I only use one button - regular wash. That's it. I paid a lot for a top of the line do-everything product, but all I want it to do is easily wash dishes.

    The same is true for autoresponders. There is a time and need for a do everything product. But much of time I just want to quickly setup an autoresponder on a new domain and start sending messages. This needs to be simple, easy and fast.

    I'm familiar with about every autoresponder on the market. They either have a monthly fee, or cost hundreds of dollars, or they're just crap and don't work. You wouldn't believe how many crap products litter my computer.

    Don't get me wrong about the monthly fee services. The well-known services are awesome and I highly recommend them. That's the truth - and that's why I'm a good affiliate for those programs.

    On the other hand, there are times when you want your domain to be listed in the messages.

    Lets face it, when you see a confirmation message or an unsubscribe link from Aweber you are (1) just advertising their service, and (2) telling your subscribers that you are using a third party service.

    cheap autorespondersWhen someone is subscribing to your newsletter, especially if it is not Internet marketing related and the person is not technologically sophisticated, you want the double opt-in confirmation message, and unsubscribe links, to list your domain so they know who the message is coming from.

    A solution is now available for all of these issues ...

    Today, you have the opportunity to acquire this popular program I am calling the 'Dirt Cheap Autoresponder.' It's a cheap autoresponder in price, but not in features.

Here are some of the unsolicited comments received from other buyers:


I am positively blown away! DCAUTO is fabulous! I have been struggling with another autoresponder for months - rudimentary and unstable.

I was almost an AWEBER customer when I came across your program and decided to take the plunge.

In a little over an hour from the point of purchase, I sent out my first A-R email. That was yesterday and today I'm still discovering more cool features.

DCAUTO is everything you promised - and more!'

'I am so impressed with the simplicity and yet power of it. I can't thank you enough. Best low cost money I ever spent for the most powerful tool on the net.'

'Hi and thanks for creating this cheap and easy Autoresponder software'

'Hi Brian I have it working and it's great !!!'

'Your software is great'

'[T]his is ... one of your great products'

'Thanks for your help in setting it up'

'Thanks again for the software'

'The script is pretty cool.... I am happy with my purchase.'

'I love it !! What a simple and clever idea - I mean, you make it look simple - of course the code it is friendly and flexible.'

'Thanks Brian: You are the man.'

    You will also want to have this cheap autoresponder script - in addition - to a top-notch online service with all the bells and whistles. This is priced at a level that you can't afford to pass-up. Check out these fantastic capabilities:

No Monthly Fees - Pay Only Once then Own it for Life. Now That is a Cheap Autoresponder!

Unlimited Domains - Use on an Unlimited Number of Domains Without Paying Additional License Fees.

Unlimited Autoresponders - How Many Cheap Autoresponders Can You Create? Well, How Fast Can You Set Them Up?

Unlimited number of subscribers - Your cheap autoresponder will work great even if you have 100 or 100,000 subscribers.

Unlimited Follow-up Emails - Setup as many follow-up messages as you want.

Flexible Scheduling - Schedule messages to be sent out so many minutes after subscribing, hours, days, weeks, or months in the future. Basically, forever. Insert messages into the queue whenever you want. I've seen programs costing hundreds of dollars that didn't have half the amount of flexibility this cheap autoresponder has.

Broadcast Messages - Send a message on a whim to the subscriber list without having to put it at the end of the message list.

Personalized Messages - Messages can include the subscriber's name. I know, ho hum. But you can also include the date when they joined your newsletter, and when they last received a newsletter, which opens the door to some interesting possibilities. For instance, you could say 'Hi Brian, last April you received the last part of my e-course about RSS Feeds. I have a new idea and product for you to evaluate ...' The text in italics are automated customized fields.

Text or HTML - Dirt Cheap Autoresponder will send messages either text format or in HTML.

Resend Messages - Someone says they didn't receive your message? Simply click a button to resend it. You can also start your entire autoresponder sequence fresh for anyone you want at any time.

Create Autoresponder Lists - Prepare a number of related newsletter topics and send someone to your list to decide which to subscribe to. Why limit yourself to telling prospects about just one newsletter?

Import Subscribers - Import email addresses in bulk into your cheap autoresponder. Use this to buy a million addresses to spam and that's your problem, but it can be done. You can also manually add subscribers one by one into your subscription list. (The support area also includes instructions for exporting subscriber information to various formats, such as MS Excel.)

buy cheap autoresponderBlacklist Users - Eliminate jerks. Every once in a while someone comes along you need to ban. Nothing is perfect, because they can always signup for another free Yahoo account, but you can ban certain email addresses from subscribing if you need to with the Dirt Cheap Autoresponder.

buy cheap autoresponderSet Your Own Speed - Decide how many messages you want to send per hour. You'll probably want to stick with the recommended default. But depending on your web host, you can slow down the number of messages sent to avoid spam issues or overburdening your server, or you can blaze away. (This can be crucial. If you see someone promoting how many emails per hour their software will send, prepare to banned and blacklisted unless this is kosher with your web host. You need to be flexible.)

buy cheap autoresponderAutomated Subscription Forms - Your admin panel will automatically create subscription forms for you for each autoresponder. There are also sample forms in the support area you can simply copy and change to refer to your domain and autoresponder setup.

cheap autoresponder softwareFully Customizable - Dig into the script and customize anything you want. Tired of couple hundred dollar scripts for something with spelling errors, but you can't fix them because the script is encrypted? It happens. I've seen it. It happened to me. I won't do that to you.

cheap autoresponder softwareSafe and Secure - Custom security features are built into the software to protect you and your users. About the only thing the Dirt Cheap Autoresponder won't do is file attachments, but you'd probably be quickly banned by your web host if you did that anyway due to the server load. Just include a link in your message to where someone can download your file without worrying about an attachment containing a virus. There have been no reports of any subscriber list being compromised.

best cheap autoresponderForeign Language Capable - Since the Dirt Cheap Autoresponder is fully customizable you can send messages in any language you want. Send messages in Wookie if you want! Sorry, but the only thing my French class did in school was to be an anchor on my GPA, so everything is in English. If you're bilingual, or if you go get foreign language customization, you can greatly expand your potential customer base.

cheap autoresponder scriptCYA - Double-opt built in. You can eliminate that if you want - but you won't. The software also records every subscriber's IP address and the date and time they subscribed. You'll always have proof that someone signed up to receive your emails.

cheap autoresponder scriptOptional - Receive Notices of Signups - Several customizations and examples are provided to buyers in the support area, including how to add one line so that you receive a message with your subscriber's email address every time someone confirms an autoresponder subscription.

cheap autoresponder scriptFree Future Upgrades - There are some other real interesting possibilities with autoresponders, and you'll get those for free when the cheap autoresponder program is updated.

Get your autoresponder today for the special price of only:


    Before you order, you agree to the license and here is what you need to do to install the cheap autoresponder software:

1. Be able to download a zip file, unzip it to your computer, type your information into a text config file, and then FTP it to your web server.

2. Be able to create an MySQL Database and insert tables into it. If you have cpanel and phpmyadmin, this is incredibly easy (takes less than a minute) and step-by-step instructions are included. If you don't have any automated way of doing this, and are not a technie, get some help. Installation is easy for techies, but may be difficult if you don't know what you are doing and do not have phpmyadmin.

3. Have web hosting that allows php and MySQL. This is basic, so if it doesn't - get new hosting. This runs from your website, not your PC.

4. Setup a cron. If you don't have cron, in the install instructions I tell you about the cheap ($12.95) software I use to avoid cron hassles and to consolidate all my cron jobs, across all domains, and different web hosts, into one easy to use control panel on my computer. If you've lost a few strands of hair dealing with cron, like I have, this tip alone is priceless. New - a service at http://www.webcron.org will run cron jobs even if your web host does not. It is incredibly inexpensive. I also see a new service offering free cron at Cron Dash. If you do a search for online cron service numerous options appear. This site lists a few: Cron Job Services

Free Installation Offer

I will install your software for free if you have troubles, so long as you have ftp, cpanel and phpmyadmin access. This may not include creating a cron job as each ISP is different, but you'll want to use the third party cron resources recommended above anyway. (Not available on GoDaddy hosting. They're great at domain registration, but not so great at hosting.)

If you're not sure about what web host to use, I highly recommend
This web host

(Avoid iPowerweb/iPower or GoDaddy. They are not autoresponder friendly, or something like Homestead that does not allow databases.) This is not supported on Bravenet, which isn't a real web host anyway.

I guarantee that the Dirt Cheap Autoresponder works with HostGator and that I can install it for free. Best of all, HostGator has an incredible number of features, best prices, and awesome service. I use them and recommend their web hosting even if you don't need an autoresponder.
Recommended hosting
Get Your Unlimited Smart and Cheap Autoresponder Now

FREE Bonuses with Purchase

Bonus #1 How to Make Money With Autoresponders  How to Make Money With Autoresponders

This 55-page eBook gives you sample autoresponder messages and takes you step by step how to research your market, create content for your messages, how to write your autoresponder messages, avoiding spam filters, and then driving traffic to your website and autoresponder signup page.

Bonus #2 Mailing List Profits  Mailing List Profits

69 page eBook that goes step by step how to create a mailing list system that will rapidly build your list and profits, including how to create free reports, use a one time offer, creating your lead capture page, and what to put on your thank you page. A valuable list of resources for getting targeted leads to your autoresponder is also included in this detailed resource.

Bonus #3 Traffic - Timeless eBook listing the best methods of getting traffic to your website. These methods work. Use them! Everything you need is laid out in this 42-page ebook.

Bonus #4 List of 200+ PLR Sites - Incredible list of resources to find PLR content to use as autoresponder messages and content.

Bonus #5 Dirt Cheap Article Spinner

Spin your PLR content so it is unique. Quickly and easily create unlimited new and unique articles for your autoresponder newletter subscribers. Stop paying for online subscriptions. This Windows file article spinner runs from your computer. Free with you autoresponder purchase.

Software is being updated

Profitably Yours,



P.S. - This is an exclusive deal you will not find anywhere else, and I'm not guaranteeing how long it will stay up. One of my raving customers has emailed me three times wanting to take over selling at a higher price. He's not the first. For the price and ownership of the script, you should have this in your arsenal.

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